‘Learning Dutch is fun!’

The goal of the Dutch classes with Miss Femke Neunzig is to learn Dutch in an effective and fun way.
This course consists of 16 classes, that means 1,5 hour per week for 16 weeks.

Beginners class A1+ level (max. 12 people per class)       NEW
This course will focus on the 4 major language skills of speaking, listening, writing and talking exercises made by Miss Femke Neunzig herself. She will try to get you on an A1-level Dutch in this course.
You also learn relevant grammar and you will work on building up your vocabulary.

In the end of this beginners course you:
– are able to introduce yourself in Dutch
– know the numbers, days, months, colours and seasons
– know how to order something in a restaurant in Dutch
– know how to use the present tense in Dutch
– can ask and answer questions about personal details such as where you live, people you know and the things you like to do
– understand and use everyday expressions and basic sentences